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CITY: Massachusetts


All-time Best Band: Pixies
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Jonathan Richman
Best New Band: Ketman

No offense, everyone who lives here that has ever been in a band, but the PIXIES were, are, and will always be better than you. This, being fact, remains out of your control, but take heart: in many ways, it’s out of their hands, too, so wild and sprawling is their wake (especially the one from that second lap). A blurb’s word count could be easily eaten by a list of awesome Pixies songs, but let’s instead credit them for their real accomplishment: showing the world that people from Massachusetts aren’t always miserable whiny bitches. See, world? Some of us happen to be in the fucking Pixies. | For whatever reason (New York proximity complex?), idiosyncrasy rules in Boston (remember, the Pixies). Thus, there’s no better ambassador for quirk-addled, over-charming, ultimately effective and unforgettable Bostonian pop music than JONATHAN RICHMAN. Yes, that’s right. Nobody. | One more reason a growing number of people here aren’t miserable? KETMAN — who have triple-handedly restored power to the power trio. Of course, they’ve also restored wit, invention, and brains, but no one wants to see a “brain trio.” As far as we’re concerned, they’re the best band Boston rock’s got.

Video: The Pixies
Video: Jonathan Richman

Download: Ketman, "Chapter Four" (mp3)

Listen: The Pixies, "Where Is My Mind"

Listen: Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"

_Nina MacLaughlin