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CITY: Maine

Big Blood

All-Time Best Band: Rustic Overtones
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Juliana Hatfield
Best New Band: Big Blood

A jam band with the stick removed from its ass, RUSTIC OVERTONES explore the terrain between roots rock, jazz, and funk. (Question for haters: do ya think Naughty by Nature or David Bowie would have worked with Dave Matthews?) | In her solo career following the dissolution of the Blake Babies, JULIANA HATFIELD has produced strange, often magical mash-ups, both musically (odd, goody-goody Belinda Carlisle vocals undermining brutal grunge pop) and socially (she’s an alternative rocker who claimed to be a virgin while in her 20s). | Portland’s backwoods art weirdoes BIG BLOOD do heartbreaking Appalachian-style bluegrass and stinging psych folk as imagined by the Addams Family, with bizarre Olive Oyl vocals floating over other-worldly Americana.

Video: Rustic Overtones
Video: Juliana Hatfield

Listen: Rustic Overtones, "Light at the End"

Listen: Juliana Hatfield, "Universal Heart-beat"

Listen: Big Blood, "Adversaries and Enemies"

_Nina MacLaughlin