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CITY: Hawaii

 Mason Jennings

All-Time Best Band: Dambuilders
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Don Ho
Best New Act: Mason Jennings

Maybe one of the reasons the Dambuilders’ uniquely exuberant brand of indie rock stood out so much in the Boston scene was because it was made by people who weren’t routinely abused as children by winter. They actually started in Hawaii and flew here in 1990 — just before a toxic nu-metal mist rolled in over the islands. | On a lighter note: Don Ho! The indisputable King of Hawaiian entertainment spent the 42 years following the release of “Tiny Bubbles” in Waikiki, hosting the legendary Ho Show and caressing his legendary organ; we’re not even sure how cool that actually is, but it sounds so awesome. | And yes, we understand the hazardously douchey proximity of Minnesota-based but Hawaii-born dude-with-guitar Mason Jennings to Jack Johnson, but he’s actually pretty good. Not satisfied? Well, then, please, by all means, search “Hawaiian rock” on Google and marvel at the abundant entries on . . . Hawaiian geology.

Video: Dambuilders

Listen: Dambuilders, "Shrine"

Listen: Don Ho, "Tiny Bubbles"

Listen: Mason Jennings, "Bullet"

_Nina MacLaughlin