Eco Quiz! How green are you?

Sure, modern person, you can rattle off your bra size, your cell-phone minutes, and your credit rating in no seconds flat, but what do you really know about your carbon footprint? It's hard to quantify it with a number, but we've assembled a handy quiz to help you get a sense of just how green you are. Here, then, are 25 questions that'll separate the panda-killers from the eco-saints: we'll tell you which one you are after you've clicked through to the end.

Green Journalism: A letter from the Boston Editor
By Lance Gould
Boston's Green Heroes: Small steps and super-human efforts
By Kara Baskin
Greased Lightning: Powering the anti-fossil fuel revolution, one fried catfish at a time
By Mike Miliard
Green is the New Black: How to be socially responsible in a $240 pair of pants
By Sharon Steel
Black + Gold Go Green: Offsides and offsets
By Sean Kerrigan
Trash Talk: Who knew recycling, shorter showers, and organic spinach could cause such angst?
By James Parker
Mirth Day: Eco-living is the new opiate of the masses
By David S. Bernstein
Green Day: The local musician's guide to touring with an eco-conscience
By Christopher Gray
100% Green, This Week: Recycling
By Deirdre Fulton
Green Local Heroes: Ten people and organizations highlighting Rhode Island's environmental vanguard
By Ian Donnis