New England Ski Guide 2006

Some of the world's best skiers and snowboarders got their start on the mountains of New England
By Kate Cohen

Snowboarders have a particular flair for christening their tricks. It’s a damn shame their outfitting companies — and this is true on the skiing side as well — aren’t as good at naming equipment. Among the legions of winter-sport gadgets available, there are no Mashed Potatoes in sight, no Haakon flips, no 720 Mctwists, Melonchollies, or Wetcats. In terms of equipment names, it’s a relatively bleak landscape.
This year's ski gear - by any other name
By Jessica McConnell

Anyone who’s spent a day skidding along the ice-plagued trails of a New England ski resort knows that the snow around here can be hard to love. Yet some of the world’s finest pro skiers and snowboarders — athletes who regularly populate the winners’ podium — grew up traversing the very same slopes. Clearly there is something to be said about learning how to ski and ride on a sometimes-unpredictable New England mountain.

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